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From Beginner to Advanced

Growing up I had the hardest time finding a good piano teacher. Since I could play by ear, most instructors had a hard time fitting me into their typical teaching method. I pride myself in being a fun and energetic teacher who is able to cater my lessons to a wide variety of students, building on their strengths while developing the skills they need to be a great pianist.

I started playing piano at 3 years old. By the time I was 8 years old I was playing advanced pieces, and by the time I was 14 had placed 4th in the Pinault International Piano competition. 

I studied in college with the virtuosic pianist Dr. Paul Barnes who is most famously known for his works with modern composer Philip Glass. 

In 2009, I joined Demi Lovato's band playing keyboards touring in Europe, South America, and in the US. After a couple years spent in the pop music world, I decided to put my energy into more creative pursuits and joined an indie-rock band called Kiev. In 2014 Kiev's debut album "Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth" received 'Album of the Year' from the Orange County Music Awards. That same year Kiev's hit song "Be Gone Dull Cage" was featured on an episode of the television show "The Walking Dead".

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Drew Vandalia, student for 8 yrs

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“Alex is a very talented and friendly teacher. He really cares about his students' education and works hard to ensure they reach their goals. He welcomes everyone with a smile and is an outstanding teacher!”

Tommy Svoboda, student for 6 yrs

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"Not only has Alex helped me learn new songs and techniques, but he has given me a deeper understanding and appreciation for music, helping me find what I connect with the best and how to even make songs of my own."

Lance Huffman, student for 1 yr

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"Alex is a fantastic teacher. Very knowledgeable. Incredibly patient. I get better every lesson. I’ve had several music teachers, and Alex is absolute good as they get."

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